Maintaining Certification

Maintaining Your CDMP or CRTWC Certification

Having a certification as a disability management professional does not guarantee that an individual’s proficiency will be maintained for the rest of his/her professional life. The disability management field is advancing constantly, and it is important for CDMPs and CRTWCs to keep their skills and knowledge current.

Maintaining certification requires CDMPs and CRTWCs to maintain and enhance their competency and currency in the disability management field by continually: meeting specific professional criteria; investing in an valuing ongoing professional development; and abiding by the ethical standards and professional conduct in disability management.

It is important that CDMPs and CRTWCs adhere to such requirements, because it signals that they are aware of and support efforts to attain best practices in their profession, and that they take their work seriously – thus making them more credible and valuable to relevant stakeholders. It also helps to show that their commitment to these requirements do not end after certification.

An Annual Certification Renewal is Required

August 31 of each year is the renewal deadline for the annual submission of certification renewal documentation and the annual certification renewal fee, which entitle the individual to ongoing use of the CRTWC and/or CDMP designation as well as publication and inclusion in the registry of professionals.

Certification renewal submissions must include a Maintaining Certification Renewal Application; Letter(s) of Attestation; Annual Certification Renewal fee – £100.00 and 20 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours each year or 40 CEC hours every second year.

Continuing Education Credit activities must fall under the occupational standards identified in the nine domain areas that are the core skills and competencies that are required for effective disability management practice.

Failure to maintain certification status will require the candidate to repeat the entire certification process by applying to re-certify, which includes re-writing the examination and paying the certification examination fees.