IFDM 2024 will take place in Vancouver, Canada, September 15-17, 2024 with the main theme being: Disability Management in a Post-Pandemic World: Solutions for a Vastly Changing Work Environment.

The host for the IFDM 2024 is the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management (CSPDM).

Abstracts have been received from six countries and the program is now being finalized. The topic area themes of the Conference are:

  • Legislation and Policy
  • Workplace Well-Being and Disability Management
  • The Evolution of the Mental Health Landscape
  • Innovative and Inclusive Disability Management Approaches

Please join us at IFDM 2024 in Vancouver!

Learn more: IDMSC Communique Vol 17 No 51 re IFDM 2024 March 2024


The 2024 PERKESO Professional Certification Graduation Ceremony celebrated the successful certification of 183 individuals who passed the Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified International Pension and Retirement Professional (CIPRP) examinations in Malaysia. This accomplishment represents a noteworthy milestone in recognizing professionalism in Disability Management and retirement planning within the country.

Among the recipients, 125 locals received the CDMP certification, with 14 individuals representing international entities such as the Employees’ Compensation Commission (Philippines) and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Indonesia). Additionally, 44 individuals were awarded the CIPRP certification.

The CDMP certification underscores the importance of Disability Management in facilitating employees’ return to work and prioritizing employee health and employer needs. Certificate holders are pivotal in policy development, fostering conducive work environments, and enhancing employee productivity.

To view the full Communiqué, please click on the link below.

IDMSC Communique Vol 17

Graduation held in Belgium for CDMPs and CRTWCs

On May 15, the National Institute for Health & Disability Insurance for Belgium held a graduation ceremony in Brussels to recognize the 24 new individuals who became CDMPs and CRTWCs.

During the ceremony, chaired by Director General, Mrs. Clara Arbesu, recognition was also paid to the 250 participants who have successfully completed the examinations since 2014.

To view the Communiqué, please click on the link below:

IDMSC Communique

PERKESO’s CDMP Graduation 2023

The Social Security Organisation Malaysia (PERKESO) hosted a graduation ceremony on February 3, 2023. The Minister of Human Resources for Malaysia presented certificates to all participants, including six international graduates from the Philippines, Brunei, and Singapore.

Both the CDMP and CRTWC certifications were introduced in Malaysia by PERKESO in 2010, in partnership with the National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR). Over the past 13 years, 334 individuals comprising PERKESO employees and representatives from other local and overseas organisations have earned these two designations. For 2023, 57 individuals were awarded the CDMP and 9 individuals with the CRTWC designation.

To read more on the successes achieved in Malaysia and to view the graduation photos, please click on the following link to the Communique.

IDMSC Communique Vol 16 No 47 PERKESOs CDMP Graduation 2023

PERKESO Launches Disability Management Guideline Boo

The Disability Management Guideline Book, produced by PERKESO, was unveiled by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on February 11, 2023. The book outlines PERKESO’s Return to Work process and step-by-step approach to case management according to injuries and illnesses suffered by workers. The aim is to assist various stakeholders, especially the Disability Case Manager, in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for injured workers or workers with illnesses to return to gainful employment, be self-sufficient and productive.

To read more and view the launch photo, please click on the following link to the Communique.


CDMP Awards in Scotland 2021

In 2016, the Scottish government committed to increase the employment opportunities for people with disabilities. One of the methods chosen to address the employment gap was the training of 300 individuals to become Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMPs) to serve the country’s public and private sectors dedicated to maintaining meaningful employment for workers with long-term health conditions, injuries, or disabilities.

To read more on the success achieved to date, please click on the following link to the Communique.

IDMSC Communique Vol15 No 46 CDMP Awards in Scotland 2021

SOCSO’s Regional Return to Work Symposium – DIGIMOS 2021

SOCSO’s Regional RTW DIGIMOS Symposium 2021 took place September 6 and 7, 2021. It aimed to attract participants from diverse levels and professional backgrounds from Southeast Asian countries, and with the goal of helping to reinvigorate Malaysia’s labor industry by sharing information and best practices for recovering from the pandemic.

The theme of this year’s RTW DIGIMOS Symposium was “Navigating Disability Management through the New Normal: Return to Work Process-Re-Engineering”.

The IDMSC contributed a presentation highlighting the international standards as well as an initiative currently taking place in British Columbia, Canada under a government grant entitled “Building a Culture of Accommodation in the Workplace. This presentation is featured in the video and begins with introductions around the 42:00 minute mark.

The full video can be seen at:

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